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Professionally Written, Edited and Optimized for the Internet

In a world where time management is critical, we realize that it takes extra effort to build your professional identity online. In addition, you need to be able to make your content web-friendly, written in the voice appropriate to different audiences and promoted in manner that is strategically designed to achieve your goals. Frankly, you’re likely too busy to write articles that are key-word optimized, blast them out to the web and target the associations, trade events and influential forums that make sense. Leadership Casting can do all this for you and more.

The Power of Content Mapping

The real power behind the Leadership Casting process is the creation of a powerful content map. Its based on content derived from our interview process  and makes up your strategy by matching the content message and media type to your target audience or persona. A reputation-building strategy based on a multi-persona (the different kinds of people you want to reach) and multi-media strategy (blog, podcast or video) can be customized for an individual or a company for maximum impact.

A Sustained Approach

Although the results can be rapid (3 to 6 months), research has shown that establishing yourself as a expert can take up to 2 to 3 years of consistent and coordinated effort. Most bloggers start and then stop after a few posts, which is highly ineffective. This is where the Leadership Casting content map is important. This content “road map” takes the guess work out of what to do next because a strategy with tactics and goals has been predetermined. This guided effort can pay off enormously. By sharing your great ideas, dedication, passion and leadership, its inevitable that you will be seen as a trusted adviser. By educating your target audience and helping people makes informed decisions (buy your product or service), you will dramatically increase your value to your audience.

The Interview 

The process begins with a two-hour (2) interview that is professionally facilitated, recorded, transcribed and produces up to four (4) articles written in your own voice as an influencer in your industry.


The Follow Up

A one or two follow up sessions are scheduled to review and validate the content and assumptions about your content map, which is the beginning of your overall personal branding strategy.


The Map

After our follow up sessions we, deliver a working copy of the “content” map that will position your company or personal brand with most popular and respected Internet venues, key periodicals, speaking engagements etc. This content will be matched to the key personas identified as potential targets, ideally those communities you are attempting to educate.  Leadership Casting will adapt your media to each persona or audience so that your initial written content has maximum impact.


Repetition and Evolution

The process of interviewing, transcribing and producing new articles may be repeated as new, hot topics arise. Submitting new content ideas is as simple as emailing a voice recording on a SmartPhone. Once our editing team understand your personas as developed in the initial content map, producing new content is fast and easy! Targeting your new ideas in your own voice is a rapid process and will be quickly posted on the web.

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New Opportunities Are Monitored With Geographic Precision 

Do you want to influence a particular “hot zone” for your business? Reach participants in a large city with flag-ship trade-show events? Your content can be targeted to the city, to attendees, exhibitors, speakers, associations and more.


Win Over Your Competitors

About 50% of all solution or service inquiries start with a web-search. A rapidly emerging trend is that expert articles or blogs are the primary source for customer education. Customers increasingly need an expert’s opinion to help them validate what they know and find new solutions.


Become An Industry Leader and Monetize Your Reputation

Once your articles begin to attract prospects, customers, invitations to speak at events, etc... All of these engagements are opportunities to monetize your content.


Great Content Marketing

Your reputation on the web as represented by written, audio (podcast) and video content is available around the clock. This means that you are always “searchable” and potentially bringing new conversations and prospects to your companies web-site or blog. This is extremely cost-effective mileage when it comes to advertising your business and reputation.



Content Marketing Really Works!

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Leadership Casting articles may also be integrated into a wider Digital Strategy for your company which focus on conversion events. Conversion events are the act of converting web site visitors into paying customers.


Visitors that sign up for webinars, download white-papers or sign up for free trials are considered touch-points that help convert your visitor into a sale.


Visitors can be tracked as they surf the web using a technique called “re-targeting” (a method of tracing a “cookie” passed on to your visitor). Re-targeting allows you to post your content everywhere your visitor now goes and strives ultimately to bring them back to your site. Less direct touch-points can be just as important: Facebook Likes, Tweets, LinkedIn shares and deep navigation patterns that show if visitors are looking for some particular key word on your site are important to track as well. Smashbox Consulting uses the above methods and many other techniques to bring you qualified prospects that become paying customers.


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