Marketing Automation

Automatically nurture the right audience, with the right message, the right amount of times.

What is Marketing Automation?



arrow A simple platform that creates and houses all your digital assets


arrow Automatically nurtures your prospects and customers into a sale


arrow Reporting and cross communication of content through social, paid and inbound

Generate and Nurture Leads 24/7

Drive growth and profit: Digital marketing, social media, websites and alike are all just components of a digital strategy. However, making these important pieces not only manageable, but effective takes organization.  An effective platform will organize all of these pieces and make them work for you in a way that seems effortless while driving growth and profit.


Automation of all your marketing activities is not only the future, but a matter of digital survival.

Digital Marketing



lets-go Quickly generate a powerful and effective worldwide campaign 


lets-go Utilize your content to the fullest to generate new leads 


lets-go Hit Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google + all at once


lets-go Forms, Landing Pages, Marketing Emails, Calls-To-Action, CRM and Social all in one.


Marketing Automation. A Competitive Advantage!

Off the Shelf

Off the shelf platforms have come a long way from their inception. Many companies find that these platforms have everything they need and easy to make a decision to buy due to an easy monthly subscription. 


For more complex needs, a custom solution can be provided. Smashbox helps its clients with these through advisory and established vendor partnerships. 

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1. Strategic Direction

We analyze your business and recommend a marketing automation platform that works for you.


2. Tactical Implementation

We take the process from conception and start implementing the marketing automation build-out. 


3. Digital Dominance

Once in place, campaign creation and consistent optimization continues to increase performance and ROI.

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