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The Entrepreneurs Most Important Job: Get Back Up

Dominic Mazzone


Everyone loves hearing about success but nobody ever tells you about getting knocked to the ground with your entrepreneurial teeth lying all over the floor. Nobody ever tells you about being so stressed out from everything going bad that they went to the bathroom 10 times a day and didn’t get a decent sleep for 6 months straight. That is the Pepto Bismol reality of entrepreneurship 99% of the time.


entrepreneur However, a true entrepreneur has one skill set that makes him or her different from anyone else: pure and simple they get back up. Getting back up sounds like it would be pretty easy and it is if you only do it once, because that is not a miracle. Doing it twice is a bit more admirable. Doing it over and over again is what sets the true entrepreneur apart. It is the sheer beauty and uniqueness of this one trait that sets the entrepreneur apart from the rest of the working world.


If you started a business and it took off and you did well, Bravo! However, you are really not a seasoned entrepreneur. An entrepreneur can’t be called seasoned until they have crashed and burned at least once. In fact, you probably need to crash and burn a few times before you actually get to call yourself seasoned and successful. Well run private equity groups aren’t interested in investing in anyone that hasn’t crashed and burned at least once. When asked why, they simply say, “How would you know if someone could handle a tough situation unless they’ve already been in one?” Makes sense.


Many times while walking a company through a Digital Transformation, there are always concerns about crashing and burning. Always fear about making a mistake associated with a direction change. There is one consolation — a Digital Transformation isn’t a massive investment in equipment and infrastructure, and if your company needed a transformation in the first place, the chance of the entire Digital Transformation being a failure isn’t likely. However, the seasoned entrepreneur is often a lot more brazen in these situations for no other reason than they’re used to getting back up.


In closing, you need to cultivate a “get back up” type of attitude in everything you do. Getting back up is what success is all about, and getting to success is just a matter of how many times you are willing to get back up. So, get moving, knowing you are going to trip and fall, and when you do — get up!

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Written by Dominic Mazzone

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