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Strategic Consulting

Having a difficult time figuring out your next step because you are so involved with the day to day running of your business? Does your business model needs a refresh and a reboot? We have provided tailored strategic consulting to companies across the globe and across multiple industries.

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Digital Marketing & Automation

Creating massive growth through digital, is one of the most cost effective means to achieve increased revenues and profits. We provide the ideas, expertise, heavy lifting and results-driven perspective to fuel a successful digital strategy.

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Growth Partner & business incubation

Whether you have issues with your business' lack of growth or want to bolster your operational efficiency, you need more than just advisory, you need a partner. If you have a fledgling business and can't get it launched to the next level, we help provide the expertise, capital or a combination of both.

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the experience

"I strongly recommend Smashbox Consulting to anyone interested in maximizing their online potential. Dominic and his team have created a guide map for our company’s road to success. We are involved in a very complex website development project, working with different programmers, and Smashbox is our “right hand man”, keeping us on track.”"

CEO | Eco-Smart

"“Starting a business can be quite daunting. Bringing my business idea to Dominic and his team was the best decision I could have made as it quickly turned into reality. Smashbox works as a business-partner, bringing to the table skills I needed but didn't have. They were there with me every step of the way bringing along their carefully calculated, expertly executed and stress-free method. The rewards speak for themselves and I can safely say that Smashbox will forever remain a major part of my company!”"

Peter Lejkowski
CEO | Propel Active

""Before Smashbox – we were wandering through the digital marketing world without a sense of direction. As a digital strategy company, Smashbox has shown us how to ask the right questions to find our path and then shown us how to implement these must needed changes.”"

Wade Chase
VP of Marketing | Valuetronics

"Smashbox brings effective creativity to our business and we're always impressed with their cutting edge knowledge of the digital world. In addition, as a digital strategy company their entrepreneurial and general business experience has made them one of our key advisers."

Michael Booth
President | AXIS Integrated

who is smashbox?

Founded by serial entrepreneur Dominic Mazzone, Smashbox Consulting was formed in 2008 to create growth strategies for companies while also building on decades of entrepreneurship and operational expertise. Smashbox has been a part of the massive evolution of digital transformation and has helped companies internationally on all aspects of their business to create growth. 

Dominic is a recognized author, speaker and sought after advisor that has been featured in the media across North America. Dominic is an Executive in Residence at the Ivey School of Business. 

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“It’s a cliché to say that someone has seen it all, but well, Dominic Mazzone has certainly seen a lot.” 


 “Canada’s Digital Guru.” 

Canadian Business Journal

“Dominic Mazzone, Digital SuperHuman.”

Toronto Star
Digital or Death Chosen by Bain Consulting for their executive management tools.
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