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Most companies spend so much time and money trying to generate leads, that they don’t realize how many of them are not followed up on properly. The primary reason for this is a lack of process, organization and the tools to put it all together. Most sales reps cite a lack of time.

The answer to all of this is Marketing and Sales Automation.

39% of companies use
Marketing Automation.


Marketing Automation:
A Competitive Advantage!

  • Quickly generate a powerful and effective worldwide campaign
  • Utilize your content to the fullest to generate new leads
  • Hit Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google + all at once
  • Forms, Landing Pages, Marketing Emails, Calls-To-Action, CRM and Social all in one.

Generate and Nurture
Leads 24/7

Drive growth and profit: Digital marketing, social media, websites and alike are all just components of a digital strategy. However, making these important pieces not only manageable, but effective takes organization. An effective platform will organize all of these pieces and make them work for you in a way that seems effortless while driving growth and profit.

Automation of all your marketing activities is not only the future, but a matter of digital survival.

Off the Shelf

Off the shelf platforms have come a long way from their inception. Many companies find that these platforms have everything they need and easy to make a decision to buy due to an easy monthly subscription.


For more complex needs, a custom solution can be provided. Smashbox helps its clients with these through advisory and established vendor partnerships.

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Strategic Direction

We analyze your business and recommend a marketing automation platform that works for you.

Tactical Implementation

We take the process from conception and start implementing the marketing automation build-out.

Digital Dominance

Once in place, campaign creation and consistent optimization continues to increase performance and ROI.