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Growth and Efficiencies

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Growth Partner

Sometimes a business needs more than just advisory, it needs a partner with the expertise and resources to take a good model and transform it into something absolutely dynamic. A partner to leverage not only their skills and knowledge but also their wide network to grow the company through business development. Smashbox is the spark and if you feel that you have a great idea for a business or you already have a business that you feel needs some fire, then contact us so we can perform a review of your business to get started.

“Strategic partnering is sometimes a more effective fuel for growth than the injection of capital."

“Entrepreneurs are more important than ever as they make up the majority of new jobs, and even single person companies accounted for almost $1 trillion in revenue in 2011. Entrepreneurs are and have always been the driving force of the North American economy."

How do Startups Perform

VC Startups Failing To Hit Projections 95%


Can't Return Investor Capital 75%


Startups Failing by Year 5 - 55%


Startups failing by Year 3 - 44%

  • VC Startups Falling To Hit Projections 95%
  • Can't Return Investor Capital 75%
  • Startups Failing By Their 5th Year 55%
  • Startups failing by their 3rd year 44%

Flexible Partnering Adds Horsepower

Sweat Equity

We have the expertise, the team and drive to take a business off its plateau and grow exponentially. With a solid background in operations, marketing, finance, sales and overall execution we are able to bring all of these disciplines to our partnerships.

Hybrid Equity

A combination of the expertise and the ability to raise both equity and debt financing provides a powerful partnership to drive existing businesses forward. Through our financial relationships the required capital is provided with the assistance to concentrate the returns.

Private Equity

Entrepreneurs that are ready to sell either their whole business or a piece of it, Smashbox has the means to make it happen. We look at all situations including succession and management buy-outs and structure transactions to work for all parties involved.