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From The Streets To The Classroom

Learning through experience is the most valuable and lasting process for education. Unfortunately it takes a significant amount of time and many times, money and a touch of pain. Through our multiple entrepreneurial endeavors and our wide ranging consulting practice, we've done the hard work of garnering the knowledge to teach others through real life examples and hard won experiences. Our seminars and one day workshops take the concepts, and turn them into reality.

    A Day of Digital Transformation

    We provide companies, universities, and other institutions a supercharged day of digital innovation brought directly into your environment. The day is completely dedicated to you and utilizes all of our expertise to help bring about a mind shift towards digital transformation.

    The Pre-Assessment

    Companies: Prior to your day, we spend time assessing the current state of your company from a digital transformation perspective to understand where you are in the digital life-cycle. These include but are not limited to:

    • Business Model
    • Operations
    • Marketing
    • Overall Digital Presence

    Universities and Institutions: Understanding your goals for your students or members is imperative and we provide a general pre-survey to understand not only your requirements and interests for digital transformation, but also those of your students and members.

    A Practical Approach

    Listening to experts on innovative lessons learned is a good way of learning, but actually innovating on the spot is exponentially more effective. Through a series of education with entertaining stories and case studies, group discussions and real-time, real-life group activities, we bring a full day of learning that gets translated into results.




  • motivating to success
  • motivating to success

    Motivating To Success

    The true sign of any leader, is to create enthusiasm in others. To do so, you need to engage minds and generate inertia. We provide a motivational explosion to get leaders, managers, employees and individuals excited and armed with the right tools to keep the momentum climbing and the productivity flowing. 

    The Pre-Assessment

    Understanding where we are, is important to assess what journey we need to take to get u to our definition of success and happiness. Because happiness on a personal level creates massive results on a business level. We will pre-survey the audience to understand what type of content is needed for the speaking engagement to assure that everyone leaves feeling elevated and ready to raise their game.

    An Experienced and Motivational Approach

    Some of the greatest boxing trainers are those that are fighters themselves. Through a series of real life stories of pushing, fighting, failing and succeeding combined with practical tools that the audience can take with them, everyone will be in a position to better themselves not for just a day, but for a lifetime.  



  • Enterpreneurship
  • Enterpreneurship

    Enterpreneurship In A Box

    There is an age old argument about whether entrepreneurs are made or born. We find most people have the desire and it just takes a bit of direction and encouragement. Our entrepreneur presentations are designed to pave the road from the initial idea to the eventual launch to the tools needed to make it successful. 

    The Pre-Assessment

    Whether it be an MBA class, a conference, or even a company that wants to spark a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, tailoring the message is critical. We provide a simple and pointed pre-assessment survey to find what really drives the audience, how they want to learn and what they want to walk away with. 

    An Entrepreneurial Approach

    Who better to teach an audience about entrepreneurship, than a serial entrepreneur. Dominic Mazzone, brings a tidal wave of fire and passion into an approach that is in itself, entrepreneurial.  Audiences will leave feeling excited, informed and ready to take the next step into the entrepreneurial journey. 



  • other exciting topics
  • other exciting topics

    There is an age old argument about whether entrepreneurs are made or born. We find most people have the desire and it just takes a bit of direction and encouragement. Our entrepreneur presentations are all about paving the road from the idea to the launch. 

    Other Exciting Topics

    In addition to our main topics, there are several other engaging talks, presentations and workshops that we can bring you your company, university or organization. 

    Here are just some of the topics we cover

    • Coming Back from Failure
    • The 4 Pillars of Digital Transformation
    • Wonder Theory and how it goes beyond business
    • Creating Success by Tearing Down
    • Capital Raising Reality Check
    • Creating a Web Presence
    • SEO is Dead
    • Your Digital Strategy is Not a Strategy
    • Digital State of The Union
    • Launching A Business
    • Young Entrepreneurs Survival Course
    • Being an Entrepreneur
    • Digital Marketing 101 
    • Digital Advertising
    • Building a Digital Brand
    • Own Your Customers 
    • Sales Boot Camp 
    • How to Transform a Business
    • Why your Business Sucks
    • Many More topics Both Standard and Custom on request.